Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Advent of the Online Therapy Services

The online therapy services are boon to those patients who do not feel comfortable discussing their personal problems face-to-face with any third party. This method has proved useful to those who do not get time out of their busy schedule to visit the clinical counselor. The online therapy services require a computer system and an Internet connection. Thus, no matter how far the patient is, he can still connect with the therapist and can get useful feedback regarding his problem.

The online counseling method has proved useful for the physically disabled who do not wish to travel a long way to such rehabilitation clinics. People can discuss their issues through chat and video sessions as per their comfort level. Skype, Yahoo Messenger and Google Talk are some of the mediums through which patients can tell their personal matters to the online therapist. Patients can even make use of text-based IM counseling at the time when they feel too embarrassed to discuss the matter.

The main advantage of online counselors is that the patient can comfortably tell his problems because the identity and the overall discussion are kept confidential. The online method of solving the problem has proved much beneficial than the traditional guidance and counseling method. A visit to the clinical therapists requires a prior appointment and is also costly. Moreover, traveling to such clinics consumes a lot of time. The online therapy services can be scheduled as per the convenience of the patient. This makes interaction with the online therapist cheaper and in turn saves a lot of time.

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Significance of Online Therapy

Advancements in Information Technology, particularly Internet, have helped every field and brought the world closer. The advantages of Internet are, however, not only limited to businesses or education systems as even the medical sector is enjoying its multifarious benefits. Therapy online is an effective and convenient option with which patients can avail benefits of clinical counseling without visiting the clinic. Eliminating the hassles of traffic and transport, online counseling sessions offer greater privacy and confidentiality to patients.

Another major advantage offered by therapy online is its 24x7 availability. In many isolated countries in the world and even cities like New York and Los Angeles clinical counseling costs are very high. As a result, many people are unable to avail appropriate medical help for mental ailments. However, online counseling sessions are highly cost effective, without compromising on the efficiency of traditional therapies. Furthermore, individuals suffering from issues like agoraphobia and social anxiety find it extremely difficult to leave their homes or any such comfortable environment. Opting for therapy online sessions means that they can take all advantages of clinical counseling without visiting physically a clinic.

A major advantage offered by online counseling sessions is confidentiality and privacy. The patients need not come face to face to the therapist online and instead can remain anonymous throughout the session. The patients know that they are not observed or judged and, hence, can come out with personal issues more easily. As a result, the level of honesty on the part of the patient improves, thus facilitating counseling. Needless to say, only complete and clear knowledge about the cause can help therapist online in treating the patient.

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Friday, September 30, 2011

Significance of Online Therapy for Relationship Help

A strong and compassionate relationship is considered to be a support system for human beings. The relationship when going on a right track can improve the quality of life in all aspects, whether physical or mental. However, the same when not working out properly can lead to depression, mood swings and sense of low esteem. In this context, the importance of therapy online gets underlined. Such a therapy session is highly effective in protecting an individual from the sense of loneliness and depression which is synonymous with a relationship break up.

For an effective relationship help, it is important that both companions need to come out with all ins and outs regarding their relationship. Sometimes, this is however not possible in front of a doctor or therapist, which is demanded by traditional clinical approach. Opting for therapy online helps the couples to come out with all information regarding their relationship without any embarrassment. This is because of the fact that a greater privacy and confidentiality is ensured with online counseling. The patients need not come face to face to the online therapist and instead, can keep the conversation to be text based entirely.

Online counseling can be accomplished with simple chat applications such as Yahoo! Messenger, Skype, and Google Talk. As a result, there is no need of high-end software or technical expertise for holding such sessions.

In online counseling, a network of highly qualified and experienced therapists is always ready to provide relationship help to the patients. They, with a non-judgmental and impartial approach, try to resolve complicated issues in between couples.

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Importance of Soliciting Therapy Over Internet

Online therapy has revolutionized the way patients seek psychotherapy, due to the advantages it holds over conventional therapy. Owing to Internet, individuals do not need to visit a therapist in person to alleviate mental problems and marital discord. Instead, they can meet remotely located psychotherapists online at any time, disregarding the physical location of either party. They only need to sign up for the service and log in via a confidential ID and password from the comforts of their homes.

An effective counseling session demands privacy and confidentiality and this has been one of the prominent reasons behind the increase in popularity of online therapy. Needless to say, opting for this type of treatment ensures higher anonymity to patients, who can chat comfortably about issues that may embarrass them otherwise. As an added advantage, depending on the availability of online therapist, such counseling sessions can be conducted almost anytime. Hence, the need of sticking to stringent timings of clinics is eliminated.

There are several modes by which an online therapy session can be conducted over the Internet, such as email, text based chat and video or audio calls. Irrespective of the mode, the process benefits online therapist as well as the client, alike. Unlike conventional modes of counseling, choosing e-communication does away with the hassles of taking an appointment with a therapist. The sign-up process required for online sessions is simple and can be completed in minutes. Moreover, this significantly cuts down the price tag of clinical counseling as well. Owing to their multifarious benefits, online counseling sessions have become the preferred choice of patients across the world.

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Benefits of Online Counseling

Online counseling is a reliable, safe and cost-effective alternative to render psychotherapy services, in comparison to conventional counseling techniques. Problem identification and problem solving through the means of therapy online is an effective source of personal growth. There are numerous advantages and benefits associated with this web-based therapy, due to which it is gaining popularity in all parts of the world.

Many individuals who wish to seek advice of a professional do not live in areas where face-to-face counseling is readily available. Since Internet covers most parts of the globe, online counseling is an effective means of communication between a counselor and a patient. With the aid of online counseling, the subscribing patients have ample opportunities to gather their thoughts and carefully select words which best describe their situations. This allows the online therapist to gain better understanding of the mental dilemmas of their clients and resolve problems efficiently. Skype-based counseling enables subscribers to articulate their emotions and thoughts conveniently in a non-threatening environment, such as their own homes or offices.

Several individuals hesitate facing professionals and discussing their personal life problems. During online counseling sessions, the identity of such hesitant patients is not disclosed, and others do not know that an individual is receiving professional consultation or mental health advice. Therefore, with online counseling techniques, expressing themselves is not a hassle for such patients.

For individuals who seek professional assistance, online anonymity is a comfortable, effective as well as reliable source of treatment. This anonymous approach promises a powerful impact on individuals as people are more willing to disclose their private and personal information over a secure platform. Comfort of the counselor as well as the patient is a vital element for any successful therapy online experience.

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Details of Online Counseling

Online counseling is a process in which the counselor can interact with the client via Internet on one-to-one basis. The process is accomplished with the help of IM programs and conferencing software like Skype. Sometimes the patients are not able to convey their problems in an open forum or face to face. This underscores the significance of online counseling as its discrete and virtual nature make the patients comfortable in coming up with their personal issues.

The entire process is kept confidential even when it gets over, as the topics discussed in the session are quite personal in nature. Often, people suffer from certain issues which crop up as a reason for stigma or shame for them, thus making them incapable of expressing the same. Hence, confidential therapy online aims to resolve these problems while making them feel comfortable.

Beside the confidentiality and discreteness of the process, it also has some other potent benefits for the clients. The traveling time involved in visiting the clinic is cut down drastically. Owing to the pervasiveness of the Internet, a therapy online session can be conducted almost anywhere and at any time, as per the convenience of the participants.

Since the whole process involves writing down thoughts and inner feelings in the text format, it becomes an effective way of interacting. It is a well known fact that a person is better able to express when it comes to writing. Conversations based on written texts eliminate any embarrassment and depression that can be involved in verbal communication of feelings. All in all, online counseling is simpler, cost effective and discrete way to render therapy.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Advantages of Online Counseling for Mental Stress

Not everyone is comfortable in putting their heart out. In this busy life, majority of people are suffering for one or other mental problem. Stress and tension are the primary reasons that lead to depression. People who are scared or feel uncomfortable while talking to others for their problem can opt for therapy online. In order to help such patients, many psychiatrists have started provided online counseling.

In this counselor talk either via web cam or emails, the mental health professionals understand the problems and suggest suitable cure. It is one of the ways of alleviating mental stress, which exists due to any kind of problems. Psychologists and psychotherapists provide the required help to the person to tackle any kind of situation. Online counseling is one of the effective mediums through which shy people can talk about their feelings and problems that increase in due course of time.

If depression is due to humiliation and sorrow, online therapy is an ideal way to go for treatment as the sufferer does not need to face anyone for discussion. The patient can simply convey the message by the medium of emailing a text or audio. However, patient can go for web cam option also, where sufferer and counselor both can communicate face to face.

The online counseling and online therapy both are widely demanded by people for solving their mental and physical problems. The counseling are given for various other purposes such as depression, anxiety & panic, anger management depression, teen depression and relationship help, to name few. Through the proper counseling, people can make their present and future better and tension free.

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Saturday, August 6, 2011

How Online Therapy Helps Teenagers

Nowadays, teenage problems is one of the biggest concerns, with 1 out of 25 teenagers committing suicide each year in the USA. During teenage, an individual is faced with many emotional and physical changes. Unsafe sex, substance abuse and eating disorders also take their toll on teenagers, who can easily get depressed by social factors like peer pressure and divorce in the family. For treating any form of depression, counseling is the best solution, though most teenagers do not solicit it because of the social trauma associated with it. In such a scenario, online therapy services have emerged as a viable solution for teenagers who wish to cure depression without going to a therapist's clinic.

By availing online counseling therapy, teenagers can discuss the issues they face, ranging from alcohol and drug problems to poor body image, with a qualified mental health professional. Psychologists can help them in dealing with such issues in the best possible manner, so that they lead their lives without worries or insecurities. Online counseling therapy sessions are carried out over video conferencing solutions like Skype, which are quite easy to use and pervasive in today's world. Using such conferencing solutions, they can converse with their therapists at any point of time. This is important, as counselors must be able to aid their patients whenever they feel low.

Online counseling services have a high success rate of treating teenagers afflicted with depression. These are steadily gaining popularity in USA, as many teenagers are unable to discuss problems with their therapists in face-to-face meetings. In online counseling therapy sessions, they can easily communicate their thoughts to the counselor via text if they feel shy or embarrassed while discussing issues. Moreover, the excellent video quality of conferencing solutions ensures that the chat continues seamlessly in real-time, which is a prerequisite for successfully treating depressed individuals. Therefore, it can be justified that online therapy is an effective way of curing teenage depression.

Friday, July 29, 2011

How Online Therapy Treats Anxienty Effectively

A large number of people throughout the world suffer from anxiety in one form or another, and there is an urgent need for counseling for such individuals. However, lack of time and social stigma associated with visiting psychologists keeps people from soliciting the help of mental health professionals. If left untreated, anxiety can put people in depression and lead to their eventual deaths. In this regard, the advent of online therapy has provided them with an avenue to discuss their problems with qualified therapists.

By availing online counseling service from reputed e-therapists, individuals can alleviate cases of mild anxiety, which can be caused by unemployment, job interviews and examinations. In an e-therapy session, the psychotherapist can discuss the problem with the patient and tackle it for good. However, if it is an acute case, online therapy sessions would have to be held more frequently, especially if the problems stems from childhood. There are many instances in which individuals do not realise that even the smallest of incidents in childhood can scar the mind for life.

The application of online therapy in treating cognitive behavior has been documented worldwide. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has been in use for five decades; its usage in cyberspace provides therapists with the best way of tackling it if the patient is located elsewhere. Online counseling for CBT is well known for delivering exceptional results in treating anxiety. E-therapists rely on notes and tools, and maintain online journal and activity sheets while treating the patient remotely. Such tools help psychologists in tracking the condition of patients and judge their progress after the sessions. Therefore, using virtual counseling sessions, individuals can get rid of their anxiety issues and exhibit a marked improvement in their behavior during pressure situations.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Help is Just a Click Away!

Mental therapeutic help has become a common way of alleviating mental stress existing due to past or existing problems. Nowadays, many people suffer from sexual abuse at workplace, schools and colleges, spousal abuse at home, stress due to work. Apart from these, panic attacks, eating disorders, depression, low self esteem are other factors that burden people’s minds and affect their behavior in society. Mental health professionals, primarily psychologists and psychotherapists, can provide the exact help needed to tackle such issues. However, people who are shy or do not have the time to talk about their feelings and problems find their suffering increase in due course of time.

In such a scenario, online therapy has become the first choice of people who wish to resort to the services of a mental health professional. Online therapists make use of free video calling solutions, such as Skype, to set up a meeting with their patients in cyberspace. Many such therapists provide the first session free of charge or ask for the fee after the session is over. This is done to provide their patients with the chance to assess whether they are comfortable with online therapy and the methodologies followed by the therapist.

The conversation is kept confidential between the online therapist and the patient, and all measures are undertaken to make sure the connection is encrypted as per protocol. This helps in building confidence between the two parties, especially the patient, so that they know their words are not recorded in any case. Undoubtedly, a counseling session with an online psychotherapist can help people overcome their emotional barriers and lead their lives comfortably.