Saturday, August 6, 2011

How Online Therapy Helps Teenagers

Nowadays, teenage problems is one of the biggest concerns, with 1 out of 25 teenagers committing suicide each year in the USA. During teenage, an individual is faced with many emotional and physical changes. Unsafe sex, substance abuse and eating disorders also take their toll on teenagers, who can easily get depressed by social factors like peer pressure and divorce in the family. For treating any form of depression, counseling is the best solution, though most teenagers do not solicit it because of the social trauma associated with it. In such a scenario, online therapy services have emerged as a viable solution for teenagers who wish to cure depression without going to a therapist's clinic.

By availing online counseling therapy, teenagers can discuss the issues they face, ranging from alcohol and drug problems to poor body image, with a qualified mental health professional. Psychologists can help them in dealing with such issues in the best possible manner, so that they lead their lives without worries or insecurities. Online counseling therapy sessions are carried out over video conferencing solutions like Skype, which are quite easy to use and pervasive in today's world. Using such conferencing solutions, they can converse with their therapists at any point of time. This is important, as counselors must be able to aid their patients whenever they feel low.

Online counseling services have a high success rate of treating teenagers afflicted with depression. These are steadily gaining popularity in USA, as many teenagers are unable to discuss problems with their therapists in face-to-face meetings. In online counseling therapy sessions, they can easily communicate their thoughts to the counselor via text if they feel shy or embarrassed while discussing issues. Moreover, the excellent video quality of conferencing solutions ensures that the chat continues seamlessly in real-time, which is a prerequisite for successfully treating depressed individuals. Therefore, it can be justified that online therapy is an effective way of curing teenage depression.

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