Friday, July 29, 2011

How Online Therapy Treats Anxienty Effectively

A large number of people throughout the world suffer from anxiety in one form or another, and there is an urgent need for counseling for such individuals. However, lack of time and social stigma associated with visiting psychologists keeps people from soliciting the help of mental health professionals. If left untreated, anxiety can put people in depression and lead to their eventual deaths. In this regard, the advent of online therapy has provided them with an avenue to discuss their problems with qualified therapists.

By availing online counseling service from reputed e-therapists, individuals can alleviate cases of mild anxiety, which can be caused by unemployment, job interviews and examinations. In an e-therapy session, the psychotherapist can discuss the problem with the patient and tackle it for good. However, if it is an acute case, online therapy sessions would have to be held more frequently, especially if the problems stems from childhood. There are many instances in which individuals do not realise that even the smallest of incidents in childhood can scar the mind for life.

The application of online therapy in treating cognitive behavior has been documented worldwide. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has been in use for five decades; its usage in cyberspace provides therapists with the best way of tackling it if the patient is located elsewhere. Online counseling for CBT is well known for delivering exceptional results in treating anxiety. E-therapists rely on notes and tools, and maintain online journal and activity sheets while treating the patient remotely. Such tools help psychologists in tracking the condition of patients and judge their progress after the sessions. Therefore, using virtual counseling sessions, individuals can get rid of their anxiety issues and exhibit a marked improvement in their behavior during pressure situations.

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