Thursday, September 1, 2011

Details of Online Counseling

Online counseling is a process in which the counselor can interact with the client via Internet on one-to-one basis. The process is accomplished with the help of IM programs and conferencing software like Skype. Sometimes the patients are not able to convey their problems in an open forum or face to face. This underscores the significance of online counseling as its discrete and virtual nature make the patients comfortable in coming up with their personal issues.

The entire process is kept confidential even when it gets over, as the topics discussed in the session are quite personal in nature. Often, people suffer from certain issues which crop up as a reason for stigma or shame for them, thus making them incapable of expressing the same. Hence, confidential therapy online aims to resolve these problems while making them feel comfortable.

Beside the confidentiality and discreteness of the process, it also has some other potent benefits for the clients. The traveling time involved in visiting the clinic is cut down drastically. Owing to the pervasiveness of the Internet, a therapy online session can be conducted almost anywhere and at any time, as per the convenience of the participants.

Since the whole process involves writing down thoughts and inner feelings in the text format, it becomes an effective way of interacting. It is a well known fact that a person is better able to express when it comes to writing. Conversations based on written texts eliminate any embarrassment and depression that can be involved in verbal communication of feelings. All in all, online counseling is simpler, cost effective and discrete way to render therapy.

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