Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Advent of the Online Therapy Services

The online therapy services are boon to those patients who do not feel comfortable discussing their personal problems face-to-face with any third party. This method has proved useful to those who do not get time out of their busy schedule to visit the clinical counselor. The online therapy services require a computer system and an Internet connection. Thus, no matter how far the patient is, he can still connect with the therapist and can get useful feedback regarding his problem.

The online counseling method has proved useful for the physically disabled who do not wish to travel a long way to such rehabilitation clinics. People can discuss their issues through chat and video sessions as per their comfort level. Skype, Yahoo Messenger and Google Talk are some of the mediums through which patients can tell their personal matters to the online therapist. Patients can even make use of text-based IM counseling at the time when they feel too embarrassed to discuss the matter.

The main advantage of online counselors is that the patient can comfortably tell his problems because the identity and the overall discussion are kept confidential. The online method of solving the problem has proved much beneficial than the traditional guidance and counseling method. A visit to the clinical therapists requires a prior appointment and is also costly. Moreover, traveling to such clinics consumes a lot of time. The online therapy services can be scheduled as per the convenience of the patient. This makes interaction with the online therapist cheaper and in turn saves a lot of time.

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